Through ritualistic processes and the creation of altar-like images Luz Salpicada (Holy Ghosts) is a reconciliation with rupture, in which the wound becomes a site for creation, a carnival song in the morning—life begins. In this series I used natural elements found in the Caribbean (purchased from West-Indian grocery stores in Canada) that have healing properties and are used in home remedies, such as: ginger, turmeric, mauby bark, papaya leaves, and fever grass. Framed by flowers and fruits are images of my family, who, like my native land, I’ve spent the majority of my life separated from. The natural elements are tangible conduits to my island; the images of my family breathe light like votive candles burning. The phrase Luz Salpicada translates to light scattered: light like holy water, light spilling over, light filling the four corners, light crossing seas and borders, light uncontainable, light ascending, carrying through time like a song. 


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